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Introducing Yalla Israel

What is

Yalla Israel

With COVID disrupting the opportunity for students to participate in their Year 10 Israel program in 2020 and 2021, Yalla Israel offers an alternate opportunity for Year 12 2022 and 2023 to experience Israel as a young adult straight after high school.

Yalla Israel is a unique, 5-week Israel experience, designed specifically for young adults to explore Israel, create new friendships and connections, and to develop their independence. This program is open to all 2022 and 2023 Year 12 graduates from around Australia* who have not already participated in an alternate Year 11 High School Israel program.

2022 Year 12 graduates are eligible for the June/July 2023 Yalla Israel program.

2023 Year 12 graduates will be able to participate in the January 2024 trip.

Subsidies are available and there is also the opportunity to apply for means tested financial assistance for those that are eligible. (see “financial assistance”)

To register your interest in Yalla Israel click here. We will keep you up to date with information regarding this program.

(*Conditions apply).

Who is

Yalla Israel for

The June/July 2023 Yalla Israel program is for 2022 graduates only. The January 2024 Yalla Israel program is available to Australian students graduating High School in 2023

Participants must have at least one Jewish parent who:


resides anywhere in Australia and does not attend a Jewish Day School


resides in NSW, attends a Jewish day School, but was unable to participate in their school’s Year 10 or alternate Year 11 Israel program.

Register your interest now  and we will keep you up to date with information regarding this program.

Who is behind

Yalla Israel

Yalla Israel is a collaboration between Y2i, who support the Year 10 Israel Trips in NSW, ACT and QLD and the Israel for Youth Foundation who support the UJEB Year 10 Israel Experience in VIC, TAS, SA, NT & WA.

Together, we aim to ensure that students who missed out on their Year 10 or alternate Year 11 High School Israel trip can still have a fantastic experience after school finishes.

Yalla Israel aims to make this trip as accessible and affordable as possible and communal donors have made it possible for us to subsidise this program for those who require it*.

About the program

June/July 2023

The program runs from 26 June to 24 July 2023. Register your interest in participating so we can keep you up to date with information as it becomes available.


January 2024

The program will run from early January to early-mid February 2024. Register your interest in participating so we can keep you up to date with information as it becomes available.


Program outline and content

Yalla Israel is a 5.5 week program covering Israel from top to bottom. This is not a school trip, it is being offered to young adults who missed out on their Year 10 or alternate Year 11 Israel experience.

Highlights of the trip include:

  • Tel Aviv night scene
  • Jeep riding and snorkelling in Eilat
  • Visiting Israel’s most popular sites including Masada, Rosh Hanikra, Dead Sea, Caesarea, Tzfat, Be’er Sheva and Golan Heights
  • Mixing with diverse communities including dinner at Bedouin tents and spending time with an Ethiopian community
  • Volunteering projects
  • Free weekend to visit family and friends
  • Options week



    Program outline and content

    While the program is still being finalised, it will be including meeting minority communities, learning about the pioneers, the impact of the Holocaust, geo-politics, Zionism, modern Israel, choosing from a series 5 day mini-program options and most importantly, time to party.

    Participants will experience wineries, hiking, a Bedouin tent, boat rides, rappelling, thought provoking discussions, museums, archaeological digs and celebrating Shabbat. There should also be a free weekend to visit family and friends.

    Yalla Israel is an apolitical program which explore all sides and spectrums of the political and religious landscape. It is also not a religious program, however all food is kosher and participants wanting to keep Shabbat will be able to do so.

    The program also visits the following locations:
    • Golan Heights
    • Gallillee
    • Kinneret
    • Caesarea
    • Jerusalem
    • The Negev
    • Eilat
    • Tiberias
    • Meeting with Druze & Ethiopian communities
    • Atlit
    • Zichron Yaakov
    • Workshop at Yad Vashem
    • Tel Aviv
    • Masada Ein Gedi & the Dead Sea

    Program Cost

    June/July 2023

    This program will be 30 days on the ground in Israel. The total cost of this program will be $8,900 and DOES NOT INCLUDE FLIGHTS. Participants are able to apply for Yalla Israel subsidies up to the value of $5,000 and additional means tested financial assistance if required (see details below).

    The cost of the program is very much in line with the cost of current Year 10 programs, and takes into account that this trip will be at the height of the Israeli summer when hotels, tours and experiences are significantly more expensive.

    The following is included in the cost of the program – all food, accommodation, options week, laundry (four times during the program), tours, tour guides, entrance fees, Israeli SIM card – everything except travel insurance, spending money, expenses during free time, expenses over the free weekend, and accommodation on the free weekend if you choose to arrange your own.

    We will NOT BE PROVIDING TRAVEL INSURANCE. This will be up to each participant to arrange based on their length of travel, additional countries they may be visiting before and after the program, and pre-existing medical condition.

    January 2024 Cost
    We are unable to provide an indication at this point for the cost of the January 2024 program. We will know more in May 2024.

    Payment timeline

    June/July 2023

    1 March – $300  deposit due

    30 April – 50% of program cost due

    30 May – Balance of program cost due

    January 2024

    This information is still being finalised.

    Financial assistance

    Additional means tested financial assistance, above the $5,000 subsidy is available. Participants applying for this additional assistance will need to contribute toward the cost of the program as they have 6 months to work and save for the trip. Anyone applying for this additional assistance will be required to travel to and from Israel directly and will not be able to do further travel outside of Israel before or after the program. 

    For further information or to apply, please email info@yi.org.au

    Financial assistance applications for the June/July 2023 trip are due by 10 March.



    COVID precautions

    Prior to departure, Yalla Israel will conduct a thorough risk assessment which covers COVID and other risks both here in Australia and in Israel. The risk assessment template has been developed by one of Australia’s leading law firms, to ensure all elements of risk for participants, have been considered and evaluated.

    Jewish Journeys have clear COVID protocols and policies, in line with Israeli Government policy and health orders at the time. While social distancing and other health measures change regularly depending on case numbers in Israel, both tour providers are agile and able to accommodate changes as they happen.

    The health and travel insurance provided through Yalla Israel covers many aspects of COVID related travel risks, as well as medical and other necessary components. Please read the PDS of each insurance thoroughly and determine if this insurance is right for you, or if you would like to purchase additional health insurance.

    Further COVID safety policies, procedures and precautions can be provided on request.

    Travel and medical Insurance

    Program participants must provide their own travel insurance and provide details to Yalla Israel. Yalla Israel will provide medical cover in Israel as part of the program. 

    Travel extensions and return travel date options

    For July 2023 and January 2024, participants will arrange and pay for their own travel to and from Israel. Flights are not included in the cost of the program. Participants are able to travel before and after the program but must be in Israel available for the entire Yalla Israel program.

    Our travel partner Olive Tree Travel are happy to assist with all your flight needs. Email yalla@olivetreetravel.com.au for assistance.

    The security of participants is paramount. As such the following precautions are taken to ensure their safety
    1. In Israel, relevant and up to date security information is received daily from the appropriate authorities.
    2. Each Yalla Israel Tour bus has an armed security guard present to ensure the safety of participants.
    3. Program itinerary will be adjusted to accommodate any security concerns, as the safety of each participant is paramount.
    4. Participants must always check in and out with their madrichim (leaders) when leaving their accommodation.
    5. Upon arrival in Israel, participants are given clear security instructions and emergency procedures.
    6. In the event of any special circumstances, parents will be kept updated with information as it becomes available.
    Links to other Masa Gap Year Programs

    If you are considering extending your Israel experience after Yalla Israel with a MASA Gap Year, this is possible, but needs to be arranged and finalised before your departure with Yalla Israel.

    For further information on Gap Year Israel programs, please visit israelprograms.com.au


    The 2023 Yalla Israel program is available to Australian students graduating High School in 2022, with at least one Jewish parent who:

    a) does not attend a Jewish Day School; or

    b) resides in NSW, attends a Jewish Day School, but was unable to participate in their school’s Year 10 or alternate Year 11 Israel program due to COVID disruptions.


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